We love sailing and adventure but most of all we LOVE sharing it with you. Without you, none of this is possible.

Documenting the journey is how it will be possible for us to make this full-time in the future. Visiting our blog and watching the videos mean you’re already helping to support The Sailing Family! But, if you’d like to do a little something extra to help us on our way that would be sweet. We do this because we love it, and believe that sharing the adventure can help spread our passion to others! If you feel like contributing to our Patreon Campaign or support our production that would be awesome!

With your contribution to our journey we will provide you with videos, blog posts, TSF clothes and a special TSF-VIP-AREA for Supporters only and your support also will influence our journey (how long we can do it and where we will sail in the future)!


So get onboard and be a part of our adventures!

One Time Supporters

Ongoing Supporters

One Time Donation with PayPal

If you like our vids and want to keep ’em coming send us a few bucks.  It’s super easy and will go 100% towards supporting our videos, keeping Tavarua in tip-top shape, and of course some creative lubricants for the crew!

Money aside, we’re thankful just to have you along for the ride. Thanks for watching, sharing, loving, laughing, and smiling. We hope our videos are a source of joy and positivity, and inspire you and yours to keep dreaming big!

Support us on Patreon

You contribute a few bucks our way each time we release a new video, and we use the money to improve the quality of our equipment, top off the diesel tanks, and buy some food so we can eat! In exchange there are some cool rewards like TSF-Stickers, TSF T-Shirts and lot’s of other stuff. Check out www.patreon.com/thesailingfamily for more details!

One Time Donation with Bitcoin

We’re pretty much citizens of the world, so a digital currency without borders really is perfect for us! If you’re savvy throw some Bitcoin our way and we’ll be sure to put it to good use.


Ongoing Donation with Paypal

Some people don't want to donate on Patreon and asked for another option. Now you can make an ongoing donation with PayPal, too. You will get the same rewards and you can cancel anytime (the same like Patreon). Thank you for your support!


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