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The countdown is over you can't send your tip for this 5 Challenges anymore. But don't forget to Subscribe to our TSF YouTube Channel and next time you can take part and win...



Here are once again the 5 Challenges we play in the next 5 weeks and where you can take part and win, too!

Challenge #1:  Simplify your life - sell 10 things - who earns the most?

Challenge #2: Everyone has to live with only 20 US / week - who can do it?

Challenge #3: Everyone is required to eat just green vegetables and green fruites for one week - who can do it? 

Challenge #4: Ice Tup Challenge - who can stay longer the ice tup after 6 days preparing?

Challenge #5: Balance board challenge - who can stay longer on a balance board?


Ok - how can you participate?

It's simple - now you know what the 5 challenges are about - and you can give a tip which family member will win which challenge- Klaus, K, Suu S, Alina A or Vita V - and X if you decide that more than one person will win the challenge (equal if there are 2,3 or 4 winners)

So for example your tip could be:



That would mean, for example, that - that Klaus won the first challenge Suu, the second, at the third challenge 2 or more family members have won - therefore X, the winner of the 4th challenge was Vita and Alina won the 5th challenge.


How and what can you win?

Everyone who has subscribed to our channel and send us the tip on our website is entitled to participate.

Everyone who is subscribed to our YT channel and send us the right Tip (before the challenges have started) will be a winner.

If you are a winner - we will get in contact with you!


What can you win?

We will share all the profits $$$ we will make on YouTube and Patreon and PayPal during this 5 challenges to all the winners. As more people participate, subscribe and donate, the higher the profit will be ...

So recommend this video to others, click on Subscribe, donate on patreon or PayPal and submit your tip, it will start in a week…


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