If you don´t know the website Sailing Channels I want to show it to you today. Sailing-Channels.com is a website where you can find all the different youtube sailing channels which are online. If a new broadcast of one of the channels gets online on youtube it will be automatically showed on the top of the website or you have the possibility to select another criteria how the channels should be sorted – for example most subscribers, most views and so on.

This is perfect if you want to see all the different broadcasts of the different sailing channels like „Sailing la Vagabonde“, „Sailing SV Delos“, Gone with the Wynns, Wicked Salty, Chase the Story, Whitespot Pirates, The Sailing Family and so on…

I like this website because it´s a great place to see all this different sailing channels on one website. And every channel presents their story a little bit different – different places, different characters, different motivation behind the videos – that´s great.

So if you haven´t known it already – pass by and have a look at it!

If you know another website which publishes all the different sailing channles – please let us know in the comments below.

See you soon – all best yours Klaus from The Sailing Family Crew